Harbin Ice Festival: China built an ice palace, millions of people visit it – Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 2021 begins in China, see pictures of the ice city

The world’s largest ice and snow festival started in Harbin, Helongyang Province, China. This time, despite the infection with the corona virus, beauty is not lacking here. After 18 days of hard work, over 10,000 artists have built beautiful palaces, sculptures and many other artifacts, day and night one by one. In winter, a large number of tourists head to the city of Harbin, China, known as the “Ice City”, to attend this festival. However, this time the number of foreign tourists due to the corona virus is much lower.

Where is this ice city of China

Harbin City, known as the Ice City of China, is located in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang Province. It is also the largest city in Heilongjiang Province, home to around ten million people. It is the 8th largest city in China in terms of population. The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival was launched in 1985. Since then, it has been conducted 21 times in total. Harbin is a Chinese word. Which literally means the place where the fishing net is dried.

That’s why these ice palaces last for months

Over 100 lakh snow artifacts have been created in Snow World, spread over 6 lakh square meters. Beautiful lights are scattered across snow-capped palaces made of 3D light shows at night. Therefore, a large number of tourists arrive to see this festival at night rather than during the day. In winter, the temperature here reaches minus 35 ° C. Thanks to this, these snow artifacts remain in their place for a long time.

Artists prepare palaces with snow from the river

Thousands of artists from all over the country and abroad arrive in Harbin city to extract their chunks of ice from the frozen Songhua River. Since artificial ice often contains air bubbles and is not strong enough to be sculpted. Thus, artists build palaces, sculptures, and other artifacts by taking snowflakes from the Songhua River that runs through the city. According to the quality standard, each block of ice should be 80cm wide, 40cm thick and 120cm long.

Tourists will see artifacts from many countries

Harbin Ice Park is divided into six parts. Tourists who arrive here can enjoy groups of famous structures from Russia, Greece and Latvia, including many other countries. Kong Kingbin, president of Harbin Ice and Snow World, said this year there will also be special offers for tourists visiting the park. This park is priced at 100 yuan for a visit.

More than two million tourists come every year

Every year, around two million tourists reach Harbin city to see these ice palaces. According to Xinhua, in 2017, around 18 million people attended the festival. In 2018, more than two crore passengers came. Tourists who come here also visit the nearby Siberian Tiger Park. Siberian tigers live here in large numbers.

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