hareem shah slap mufti qavi video: Watch: pakistani mufti ‘low’ act, tittock star harim shah slapped, viral video

Pakistan’s controversial Mufti Abdul Qavi is once again making headlines. Mufti Abdul Qavi made “ obscene ” comments about Pakistani Ticketock star Harim Shah about his daughter’s age. After that, Tamim Maiam Harim Shah angrily slapped Mufti Abdul Kavi. The video of Harim Shah slapping the mufti has gone viral on social media. In this video, Harim Shah Mufti, one of Pakistan’s most followed Tiktok stars, is seen slapping the poet. Let’s know the whole problem …

Tiktok star Harim criticizes mufti poet

Speaking to a TV station, Ticketock star Harim Shah said he slapped his “ friend ” in the face after losing his temper. Harim Shah said: “Mufti Abdul Kavi spoke in a lame way and we recorded their conversation. He said he looked the same in red clothes in the video and had no regrets about slapping the mufti poet. Harim said, “I have no regrets. If a man like him is punished, there will be no rape in Pakistan. The mufti was sitting on his bed at the time of the incident and he did not even have a chance to recover from this sudden attack. The Pakistani mufti had also been in controversy over a relationship with fellow social media star Kandil Baloch. Kandil was later killed.

People advise Harim to learn from Kandil Baloch

On the other hand, Mufti rejected Harim Shah’s allegations and he was drinking tea and Harim Shah slapped him. Mufti said: “Harim Shah was accompanied by a woman. Harim Shah hit me and another woman made the video. After that, Harim Shah and the woman left. The mufti said he didn’t know why Harim had slapped him in the face. This slapping video is now widely shared on social media. While many Pakistanis praise Harim Shah for his slaps, there are many who strongly criticize Harim Shah. Many also advise Harim Shah to stay away from the Mufti after the Kandil Baloch episode.

Mufti calls Harim the princess, was offered marriage

Mufti Abdul Harim Shah’s poet is called shehzadi and once offered him marriage. In one video, the mufti talks to them in an obscene manner, after which Harim Shah burns them. Mufti Abdul Kavi said in an interview that alcohol is made from minerals, such as spirits, petrochemicals and other elements, so it should be labeled as halal. According to Geo News, Mufti said, “This is the opinion of the Saudi ulama. I will give my I would like to say that alcohols are made from minerals such as spirits, gasoline and other substances, if it can be used on clothes or other things, it does not soil them . Now, what Sharia law says about it, if these ingredients are 100% in alcohol then they are halal, a decision on this will only be made after careful consideration.

Harim Shah threatened to make Imran video go viral

Earlier, Harim Sheikh alleged that Pakistani Minister Sheikh Rashid sent him pornographic messages. Harim Shah reportedly shared a video on his social media in which Pakistan’s Minister of Railways is said to be talking to him. In this video chat, he is allegedly obscene. However, Harim later removed the video from his Instagram account and said some people were trying to discredit him. She also had a friend with Harim Shah in the contentious video and the two were seen chatting with Sheikh Rashid. There was a lot of controversy after this video, after which Harim Shah also dragged Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and threatened to publish his video as well. Harim Shah tweeted: ‘Don’t be mad by cheating on PTI’s Fazool nonsense. It shouldn’t happen that I can also put a video of Khan sir.

Watch: Video of Harim Shah slapping a mufti poet

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