hareem shah wedding photos: Pakistan’s controversial TikTok star Harim Shah got married, so why did Sindh MPs reconcile? – pakistan tiktok star hareem shah marriage assembly member of sindh pakistan people party minister

Controversial Pakistani Tiktok star Harim Shah surprised everyone by suddenly announcing the wedding. Harim himself claimed that she was married to a Pakistani People’s Party lawmaker in Sindh province. However, he declined to be named in the media. Since then, the assembly of deputies of the Sindh Assembly has come. People check the palms and clocks of deputies at the door of the assembly. Most MPs have denied marriage to Harim Shah. In such a situation, the name of her real husband is not yet known. In February this year, Harim Shah confessed his love for Pakistani People’s Party leader Bilawal Bhutto by sharing a video on Instagram.

Harim Shah’s ancient relationship with controversies

This controversial Pakistani Tiktok star created panic by slapping poet Mufti Abdul on camera. Not only that, Harim had created a ruckus by accusing Sheikh Rashid, the minister closest to Prime Minister Imran Khan, of having had an obscene conversation. Harim even threatened to broadcast Imran Khan’s videos one after the other. Even before that, a video of him went viral, in which Harim Shah was seen in the conference hall of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry. It was the same room where senior Pakistani diplomats met. In this way, Harim’s high touch can be traced.

Harim Shah refuses to reveal her husband’s name

Speaking to Geo News, Harim Shah said her husband is a well-known person. He is also a provincial deputy, member of the PPP and provincial minister. She claimed that her husband had previously been married. He also claimed to be of high stature in Sindh politics. Asked about the identity of her husband, she replied that I am a simple girl, but that my husband is already married. He will convince his first wife and we will announce his name and our marriage within a week. She said I will be sharing photos from the event with my fans soon. Harim also informed that her husband was present at the Sindh assembly session today.

Bilawal Bhutto did not attend the wedding

Harim claimed that only his close friends knew about his marriage. The head of the PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, was also not present at their wedding. However, a woman leader of the PPP was present. Harim said that we are going to Turkey on July 4th and that once we get back we will announce the details. Harim refused to answer questions about the constituency and district to which her husband belongs.

Harim’s wedding resonates in the assembly of Sindh

After the news of Harim Shah’s marriage, this question also resonated in the Sindh Assembly. Some ministers called this the star’s personal affair. After the news became public, numerous statements from ministers of Sindh province started to come out. Sindh Women’s Development Minister Shehla Raza called this Harim Shah’s personal affair. On the other hand, Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani has denied all rumors about him and the TikTok star. Asked about it, he showed his hand and said he was not wearing a ring.

Harim caught in controversy after slapping Mufti

In January 2021, a video of Harim Shah went viral in which she was seen slapping Pakistan’s poet Mufti Abdul. The incident took place after he alleged that Mufti made obscene comments about him during a conversation on a TV channel. On the other hand, Mufti had categorically denied these allegations. After this incident, Harim had said that I had no regrets. If a man like him is punished, there will be no rape in Pakistan.

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