“Harmonization is not bad and it is not bad downwards”

Posted: Thursday November 26 2020 11:41 AM

The president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, distanced himself from the Community of Madrid and its partner in the ranks, President Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and on Thursday valued the government’s idea of ​​”harmonizing” taxes such as that of heritage in all communities, by establishing minimum and maximum rates: “Harmonization is not bad and it is not bad on the downside,” he assured.

In an interview with Cadena Ser, Feijóo insisted that “harmonization is not just about raising taxes, it is looking for taxes and the possibilities of establishing maximum and minimum ranges”.

The Galician president thus entered the debate that arose after the agreement between ERC and the government to review regional taxation and, more specifically, wealth tax. Specifically, to the management made by the Community of Madrid of the same, which exempts from its payment, which, in the opinion of Rufián, is “fiscal dumping”.

However, for Feijóo, an agreement with a nationalist force was not necessary, even if it is an autonomous government. “The Spanish government doesn’t have to sit down with anyone to change the wealth tax, it belongs to the state,” he said. “Let the Treasury clarify and we will appreciate it.”

Feijóo is therefore in favor of the establishment of minimum rates of homage to those who have the most assets, a position radically different from that of his companion in the ranks, Díaz Ayuso. In fact, the agreement presented by the ERC spokesperson to Parliament specifically envisages ending the “tax haven” and “tax dumping” practiced by Madrid.

Government President Pedro Sánchez responded on Wednesday to criticism from Ayuso, who warned him that it would become the “worst nightmare” for anyone touching the Madrid pocket, and claimed that other PP presidents “will say also that we have a problem to solve of fiscal harmonization “.

Ayuso, however, said the night that it was a lie: “What the prime minister said this afternoon about my possible confrontation with other regional PP presidents, from my own party , is simply wrong, it cannot be done. of lying a form to make constant politics “. According to him, if Pedro Sánchez” wants to increase taxes, let him say it, let him not hide of my colleagues, members of the party or other regional presidents, even less of the separatists, because at least they are moving forward “.

Andalusia versus

The position in the other communities led by the PP is not homogeneous: Andalusia, for example, has shown its frontal rejection of the fiscal harmonization proposed by the government since it “breaks” the financial autonomy of the Autonomous Communities. .

The Minister of Finance and European Financing, Juan Bravo, judged “surprising” that it is ERC, independence party, the one who tells the central government “to withdraw the powers to the communities” to give them to the State and that it can also be supported by the central government. PNV, as it is assumed that this harmonization will also mean “elimination of provincial plans”.

“Imposing a tax increase as a solution to their runaway public spending is a bad enough solution,” said the Andalusian finance official.

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