Harsh response from Jordi Sànchez to Junqueras’ letter, whom he accuses of wanting to “protect” Aragonès

Update: Wednesday 09 June 2021 00:00

Posted: 08.06.2021 23:59

The secretary general of JxCat, Jordi Sànchez, accuses the leader of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, of wanting to “protect” the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, and refuses to exclude any “peaceful” path – taking for example the unilateral 1-O- referendum to force dialogue.

In a letter published in the ‘Diari Ara’, Sànchez criticizes the timing chosen by the leader of the ERC to make public a letter in which he approved the pardons and questioned the unilateral path: just before the first meeting between the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and Aragonès after the latter’s investiture.

“As in silent films, Aragonès moved in front of the screen letting others put the lyrics,” said Sànchez, who like Junqueras is serving a sentence in Lledoners prison for his involvement in the “trial”.

The head of Junts, who piloted the negotiations with ERC to form the government, had the Republican leader do this after “weeks and weeks of talking about the risks of tutelage over the president of the Generalitat”, alluding to the debate on what role The Council because the Republic led by Carles Puigdemont (of JxCat) had to play during the current legislature.

According to Sànchez, Junqueras’ entry on the scene “can be read as the great guardianship” of Aragonès, since it draws a playing field “which limits the president’s capacity for action and his leadership”.

“It is not good for the institution of the Generalitat that a former vice-president wants to protect the current president, but in any case it must be clear that the personal decision expressed in a letter does not have the force of modify the legislative agreement between ERC and JxCat “, Add.

From there, Sànchez defends that the independence movement – which admits to having long dragged “technical and strategic” differences – must not give up any means of achieving its objective, even if it favors dialogue and negotiation with the State.

“Commitment to negotiation and agreement must not lead to renouncing other democratic and peaceful avenues. Any peaceful and civic avenue can serve as an incentive for the state to establish political dialogue and agreement.” , he emphasizes.

In this sense, he asks to avoid certain “twists of the scenario” which lead to a “radical revision of essential aspects of the recent past of the independence activist”, such as the “legitimacy” of the unilateral referendum of 2017.

“Certainly, the pressure to get out of prison is great. I know what I’m talking about. But in addition to being daring, we must also remain cautious to protect what politically explains what independence is today and , most importantly, the legitimacy of what we have done to get to where we are. It is only on the pillars of who we are that we can expand the base of our strength and gain independence. “” I do not do not think that 1-O was a mistake “, underlines the secretary general of the Junts in his letter.

Then, Sànchez assures that October 1 was more intended to force a negotiation with the State than to “effectively proclaim independence”. So then, he reproached, “some twisted the scenario” and, as they could not “resist the pressure from the state”, “pushed the path of mediation and dialogue. desired above the precipice “.

At this point, he slips a taunt against Republican Gabriel Rufián, alluding without explicitly mentioning it to the tweet in which he brandished “155 silver coins”. “I also invite self-criticism on these behaviors which have left so many wounds in the independence movement,” he underlines. Regarding pardons, Sànchez claims amnesty as the only solution to “repression” and adds: “If they open the door to the Lledoners, I will leave, like any other pardoned prisoner (…) If he does not arrive , I will wait patiently and without hatred “.

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