“Has Father Aragonès left his post?

Updated: Monday, January 18, 2021 3:03 PM

Published on: 18.01.2021 14:04

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, responded to criticism from the leaders of other parties who questioned his dual status as CPS candidate for the Generalitat and head of pandemic management in the country: “A-t- he left the country to charge Father Aragonès? “

Illa asked herself this question, since the current vice-president with the functions of president of the Generalitat is the candidate of Esquerra Republicana in the elections. “Does Father Aragonès have an advantage?” Asked the still Minister of Health.

Likewise, Illa stressed that at the moment “he is concentrating at 101% on the fight against the virus” and that he will devote his time to it until the start of the electoral campaign in Catalonia, when he will leave his office. functions to dedicate “101%” to the contest. .

He does not know if there will be an appeal against the electoral postponement

Regarding the postponement of the elections, which were scheduled for February 14 but will take place on May 30, the CPS candidate assured that he would compete “on the day that is said, under the conditions that are said” and that he will not will not rule on the legality of this decision. The PSC is studying the filing of an appeal, which four groups have already done, but the minister declined to comment.

“I don’t know if an appeal is going to be presented. Let’s see what they decide. I don’t want to go into any nuance, I am focused on what I am focusing on. When the elections are held, I will be campaigning and now what matters to me is the virus. “, stressed.

A Minister of Health “must be a good manager”

On the question of whether his replacement at the head of Health must have medical experience to fight the pandemic, Illa – a philosopher by training – insisted on the fact that the head of department “must be a good public manager and know form good teams “, in addition to having political and communication skills, but does not necessarily have to have experience in the health field.

Regarding the minister best placed to replace him, Carolina Darias, Illa stressed that she is a “magnificent minister” and that she has the best advice, but that the decision does not depend on him, since it is the responsibility of responsibility of the Prime Minister.

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