Has the British strain of coronavirus reached Spain? These are the countries that have detected cases

Posted: Tuesday December 22 2020 10:14

The new strain of coronavirus registered in the UK is starting to spread across Europe. Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia have already detected the new variant of COVID-19.

At the moment, in Spain, there is no record of cases related to this variant, which caused the first infections in Gibraltar. This was reported by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Specifically, Italian health authorities have detected a subject infected with the same variety of coronavirus detected in the UK and placed him in isolation, as confirmed by the Department of Health in a statement.

The scientific service of the Celio Polyclinic Hospital in Rome has sequenced the genome of a SARS-CoV-2 virus in a person who arrived in the country “with the variant located in recent weeks in the United Kingdom”, according to a press release from Il is added that the patient and his partner had arrived in Italy “in the last days”.

Illa said that in Spain “we don’t have any proof of (the new British strain), but that doesn’t mean it’s not there”

Likewise, a report published by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) states that the Netherlands and Denmark “have reported some cases with this variant”.

Spain’s Health Minister Salvador Illa said in an interview on Monday that in Spain “we have no proof of (the new British strain), but that doesn’t mean it’s not there “. Although this new sequence of COVID-19 could approach our country, since the first positives have already been detected in Gibraltar. For this reason, surveillance has been stepped up at the Gibraltar gate and the RAP is requested from travelers.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) said there was no evidence that the new strain or variant of the coronavirus identified causes more serious infection or affects the effectiveness of available vaccines.

However, the WHO warns that some tests, very few, may not be effective for this new variant. “Most of the tests use target genes, so they are still useful, but currently all the tests that exist in the UK are under study and they will inform us about the effectiveness of each one,” they point out. from the body.

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