Hasél’s lawyer insists rapper is in jail “only” for free speech crimes

Updated: Monday, February 22, 2021 12:44 PM

Published on: 22.02.2021 12:40

The lawyer for Pablo Hasel, in prison since Tuesday, February 16, maintained that the rapper entered prison because of his background, including those of the 2014 conviction for insults to the Crown and apologies for terrorism, as well as ” this last sentence ”. . “The only antecedents he has are these, the rest of the sentences are not firm,” he insisted to the media present.

Thus, lawyer Alejandra Matamoros denies that her client entered prison for other crimes unrelated to freedom of expression. He also insists that the rest of Pablo Hasél’s sentences are not final.

However, the order of the Second Section of the Criminal Chamber stated that Hasel was strongly condemned not only for the crimes of insulting the Crown and glorifying terrorism, but also for trespassing and resisting authority. While it is true that there are four other crimes for which he was convicted and whose sentences are not yet final since there is an appeal to the Supreme Court. These are the crimes of threats, coercion, injury and obstruction of justice.

For Matamoros, there is a whole state apparatus ready to “destroy the image” of its client, a “benchmark in terms of freedom of expression, struggle and dignity”. And he adds that Hasél has been the victim of police harassment since 2011, and asks “that the press stop playing its game”. In addition, he stresses that “in the Spanish state there is no democracy” and that they demand full access to the right to freedom of expression.

Hasél’s criminal record

In addition to the sentence that led to his imprisonment, Hasel accumulated other sentences: the first, of two years, for having praised in his songs the terrorism of ETA, Grapo, Terra Lliure or Al Qaeda, from 2014, although the Audiencia Nacional decided in 2019 to put it on hold.

He has two more firmer convictions handed down in 2018 for trespassing, resisting and disobeying authority and another appeal pending for attacking a TV3 camera.

While in prison, the hearing in Lleida confirmed a new sentence of two and a half years for threatening a witness in a trial against an urban guard in Lleida.

However, his imprisonment for extolling terrorism and insults to the crown drew condemnation from organizations such as Amnesty International, and many artists and entities demanded the release of the rapper, which sparked a wide debate on the limits on freedom of expression. .

In the streets, the protests have taken place for the sixth night in a row and there are already a total of 109 detainees since their start. In addition, more than 90 foams have been injured and the material damage caused in Catalonia and Madrid, above all, is considerable.

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