Hate speech by an imam in Sweden: hate speech by a Muslim imam in Sweden: hate speech by a Muslim imam in Sweden

Bassem Mahmud, the imam of the Swedish town of Rosengard, who once called Jews “children of pigs and monkeys,” has now spat venom at Christians. He announced to ban the flag of the country. They have a problem with the ‘cross’ on it, which is the religious symbol of Christians. He did the job of spreading hatred against those who carry the cross in a very inflammatory speech.

‘Cross destroyed’
According to the Expressen newspaper, Mohamed is also angry with the students who celebrate by waving the Swedish flag. He described those who worship the cross as “unjust”. The imam of Al-Sahaba Mosque in Rosengard said that if someone carries a cross, he orders them to remove it. He said, ‘Every time a prophet saw somebody carry a cross, he destroyed it.

“Don’t talk to non-Muslims”
The imam also called for the conquest of Al-Aqsa, one of the most important mosques in Islam. It is located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They say Jews should be killed and people should teach their children the same. The Imam said: “Do not speak to a non-Muslim, if he speaks to you, you give him the same answer that the Prophet used to give. The imam said in a provocative speech that the Jews killed the prophets and their heads should also be broken.

not the first time
Previously, he had also called the Jews “children of pigs and monkeys”. In December last year, the Jewish Youth Association filed a complaint with the police for inciting hatred against him. This matter is under investigation.

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