Having an MBA helps you find a job

Being in the midst of a pandemic and the resulting economic crisis may not seem like the optimal time to improve anyone’s career prospects, especially if you are aiming for an ambitious career change. However, in 2020, IESE MBAs continued to gain the attention of companies around the world.

Despite the massive hiatus in hiring caused by COVID-19, 87% of IESE MBAs in the class of 2020 found employment within the first three months after graduation (calculated according to MBACSE rules). ). And, in addition, a significant part of the students took advantage of the master’s degree to make a substantial change in their career.

A class open to change

According to the report, Europe was the preferred career destination for the 2020 cohort, with 46% of graduates accepting jobs on the continent (26% in Europe and 20% in Spain). Latin America (22%) and Asia-Pacific (20%) are the other regions most in demand.

In terms of sectors, the consulting firm continues to dominate as the top destination, hosting around 33% of the class, followed by industry (29%), financial services (23%) and technology (15%) . Of the students who chose counseling, around 80% were able to change sectors without having prior experience.

Career change has been a key element of the 2020 class. About a third of the group has taken what is known as the “triple jump”, changing industry, function and geographic location at the same time, which is really difficult to achieve this year. . A figure which also represents an increase of 21% compared to the class last year.

The numbers highlight the capabilities that the IESE MBA offers to students seeking profound career change. In the program, they have access to a center specializing in professional development, with experience in different sectors and regions. And they can also do a season of internships in companies between the first and the second year, which gives them the opportunity to explore different career options during the master.

One of the students who did the “triple jump” is Rohit Gokul. An engineer, she was an entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates before studying at IESE. He assures that the professional support offered in the MBA was essential in securing his current position at Citigroup Corporate and Investment Bank in the UK.

“Coming from a non-traditional background… I can attest that my successful transition to investment banking was a credit to the IESE’s financial club and career services,” says Gokul. “Having worked closely with the Career Development Center, I have witnessed how the entire team always goes the extra mile, making a difference.”

Connecting the talent of the IESE MBA with companies

In a year marked by uncertainty, the latest report shows the confidence that the world’s largest companies continue to place in IESE for their recruiting needs. Around 300 companies are currently hiring at IESE, including: AT Kearney, AB InBev, Amazon, Bain, BCG, Citigroup, EY, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, McKinsey, Michelin, Microsoft, Nike, Novartis, PepsiCo, Unicef, Werfen and associates ZS.

Each year, the IESE Career Development Center organizes many activities with these companies, providing structured hiring opportunities, in addition to providing professional advice to students before and during the MBA program, specific events, workshops and support, among other services.

The IESE MBA 2020 included 356 students of 55 different nationalities, with an average age of 31 at the time of graduation.

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