“Having the Porsches parked there, fine; pay the bills, no”

Publication: Friday, December 11, 2020 8:37 a.m.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, argued that the power cuts suffered by the Cañada Real are a consequence of the overload of marijuana cultivation carried out by the mafias.

“Park the Porsches there, very good; paying the bills is what causes these cuts, no”, launched the leader of Madrid to the spokesman of Podemos, Isa Serra, in response to a question in session plenary session on the lack of supplies in the region.

For the president, “one thing is to criminalize poverty” and another is “to democratize crime”. Ayuso stressed that following the Pact de la Cañada Real, there is a commissioner who goes there every day and not who goes there as we can “with the banner where there is a temporary problem”.

At this point, he indicated that thanks to this, more than 100 families will be relocated “before the end of the year”. The “massive” proliferation of marijuana is causing the power outages, affecting many families, according to the president. “If for you Otegi is a man of peace, these criminals will be agronomists who will do a kind of study over there in the Cañada Real”, he continued ironically.

The head of the regional executive indicated that the regional government had held numerous meetings with other administrations and with the officials of the electricity company, but stressed that now it is the government delegation “which must act” , because while the police “do nothing, it is impossible for these people to stop being hooked to the network”.

As he pointed out, “the consumption is so huge that they wouldn’t even want to pay the bills”. “It is necessary, as is this organized network, a police action. I understand that they are considered as missionaries but for us it is a question of public order and security so that the rights are not violated over there in the Cañada Real, ”he said.

For his part, Serra said that 4,000 people are affected, including 2,000 children, by these power cuts, which prevent them from washing clothes, turning on a computer to study, which leads them to shower every day at cold water and sleep. with “several” covers.

“They need supplies to be able to live. They need light to be able to live,” said the spokesperson for the “purple” training. Serra criticized Ayuso for trying to “criminalize” those suffering from this “very serious” situation.

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