Hayabusa 2 from Japan bringing a sample of the asteroid Ryugu

Japan sent a spacecraft to an asteroid roaming far in space to find out how our solar system was made. This spacecraft, which returned soil samples and other data about a year ago, is now approaching Earth. The Hayabusa 2 spacecraft has landed a year before asteroid Ryugu, 300 million kilometers from Earth, and will land its capsule in South Australia on December 6 next month.

Search scientists
Scientists from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency believe that samples, especially samples taken from the asteroid’s surface, can provide valuable data. Here, spatial radiation and other factors are not affected. Makoto Yoshikawa’s project director said scientists need to analyze organic matter in Ryugu’s soil.

How the landing
Space agency JAXA predicts that the capsule sample in Australia will be dropped from a height of 2.2 million kilometers. The capsule protected by the heat shield will be transformed into a fireball at a height of 200 km above the earth. At about 10 km altitude, his parachute will come out and land.

Will be searched as
To achieve this after landing, satellite dishes are also installed in many places. These will pick up the signal and the Marines will help radars, drones and helicopters locate the capsule. Without these, it would be extremely difficult to find a capsule 40 cm in diameter.

Touchdown on Ryugu

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