Hazara genocide: who are the Hazara Muslims of Pakistan? Whose Muslims are killing – who are the Hazara community in Pakistan, Afghanistan, the killings of Shia Hazara in Balochistan Quetta

There has been a ruckus since the murder of 11 people from the Hazara Muslim community in Balochistan, Pakistan. In the name of Islam, these people were murdered by ISIS militants a few days ago. Since then, families of the deceased have been protesting against the Pakistani government in the western bypass area of ​​Quetta since Sunday. On the other hand, Imran Khan, who is trying to become the Messiah of Muslims around the world, is surrounded by the atrocities committed against his own religion in his own country.

Imran linked Hazara’s murder to India
Imran Khan even linked ISIS’s attack on Hazara Muslims to India. Two days ago he made a false accusation that his neighboring country incites communal violence in Pakistan. Imran said that I am your partner in your grief and that I came to you earlier to be with you in times of pain. I will be back soon to pay tribute and offer my condolences to all the (bereaved) families.

Hazara are killed in the name of Islam
Sunni Muslims are the majority in Pakistan, who oppose minorities of their own religion, such as Ahmadiyya and Hazara. Besides Pakistan, numerous crimes were committed against the Hazara community under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Taliban militants not only shoot members of the Hazara community, but also abuse women in their community.

‘Our neighbor incites community violence’, Imran targets India on pretext of killing Shia minors
Who is Hazara
The Hazara community is a community of Shiite Muslims settled in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Those who speak the dialect of the thousand languages ​​of Persian Dari. Hazara is an Afghan ethnic minority group of Persian, Mongolian and Ottoman descent. He is also considered to be a descendant of Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan. It is said that a squad of thousands of soldiers was prepared in the Mongolian army. It is possible that the Hazara community originated from there.

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The Hazara community massacred by the Taliban
The inhabitants of the Hazara community are Shia Muslims. It is believed that Hazara converted to the Shia religion in the early 16th century during the time of the Safavi dynasty in Persia. As most of Afghanistan’s Sunnis are Muslims, the Hazara community has suffered discrimination and discrimination for centuries. During the reign of the Taliban, hundreds of people from the Hazara community were massacred.

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There are now 1.5 million Hazaras left in Pakistan
Today, approximately 3 million Hazara Muslims live in Afghanistan. What are the third largest sub-castes after the Pashtuns and Tajikas. Their population in Pakistan is estimated to be around 1.5 million, most of whom live around Quetta. Pakistan Quetta is adjacent to Afghanistan and Iran. As a result, residents of the Hazara community live more in these areas.

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