HBO cut short Imran Khan’s remarks on pm modi: PM Modi, Imran Khan was spitting venom at Hindutva, US TV channel HBO has stopped talking

The interview with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan with American television channel HBO remains controversial these days. Imran, surrounded by controversial statements about Uyghur Muslims, the CIA’s drone base and rape, had been spitting venom at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Hindutva during this time, but the US TV channel edited this part. It is said that there was an interview of about 82 minutes but was reconciled in just 13 minutes.

According to Pakistani TV channel ARY, Imran Khan blamed Hindutva for the situation in India. Not only that, he also spoke out against Prime Minister Modi. These statements by Imran Khan have been censored by HBO. This HBO move has spiced up Imran Khan’s government. The Pakistani PM’s office complained to HBO for editing PM Imran Khan’s interview and asked for clarification.

Pakistani prime minister’s office released full interview
Not only that, Imran Khan had also said a lot of obscene things about rape and women, which was censored by HBO. On the other hand, many Pakistanis are also furious at this blatant insult from Imran. They question freedom of expression. On the other hand, after all this controversy, the Prime Minister’s office of Pakistan released the entire interview with Imran Khan. The funny thing is that Jonathan, who took the interview, criticized Imran for calling him a “playboy,” but the PM’s office released it as well.

On the other hand, journalist Jonathan said that releasing the entire interview from the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan was a surprising strategy, but I would like to say that I used full transparency. In this interview, Imran Khan made a controversial statement about rape, due to which he was badly surrounded around the world. Imran Khan said Imran said if you increase the appeal of society and all these young boys have nowhere to go, then there are consequences. He was asked if you think what women wear has an effect on who is involved in dating? To this, Imran said, “If a woman wears too little clothes, it will have an effect on men, unless she is a robot. This is common sense.

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