“He assumed his responsibility and his commitment to the Constitution”


Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 1:43 PM

Posted: 23.02.2021 13:24

King Felipe VI praised the role of his father, Juan Carlos I, in the 1981 coup attempt, which today marks 40 years. “His steadfastness and authority have been instrumental in the defense and triumph of democracy,” said the monarch, in the first express mention of the emeritus since he was in the United Arab Emirates.

Faced with this unacceptable fracture of the legitimate and legal democratic order, King Juan Carlos I assumed as Head of State his responsibility and his commitment to the Constitution so that they take, and I quote word for word, “All the measures necessary to maintain constitutional order within the framework of current legislation”, Felipe VI stressed.

King Juan Carlos I has been absent from this celebration of the four decades since the failed coup attempt by Colonel Antonio Tejero. In fact, these are the monarch’s first explicit words about his father since scandals erupted around his personal finances and the use of “ black ” cards, now under investigation by the Supreme Court and the prosecution in Geneva, Switzerland).

The Head of State assured to have “this night engraved in his memory”, like millions of Spaniards, because of “anguish and concern for what could happen”, but that they were relieved to see ” freedom and liberty prevail. the order “in the face of” an attack of extraordinary gravity “on democracy.

“That night I also witnessed, as a child, this historic episode and learned the immense, the incalculable value that freedom has for the Spanish people,” he said.

In addition, the monarch referred to the importance that “institutional and citizen rejection” had for the success of democracy before the attempted coup. “Likewise, the deep democratic conviction of parliamentarians and members of the Government, who during these long hours from 23 to 24 February 1981, took place here in this room, confirmed the feelings of the citizens they represented and of those who ‘they served,’ underlined.

The king stressed that “everyone, citizens and institutions, must feel committed and obliged to defend, protect and preserve our coexistence”, because it was very difficult to achieve this and there are “risks” that could threaten it.

In addition, Felipe VI defended the role of the monarchy as “symbol of the unity and permanence of the State” and its constitutional commitment “stronger and firmer than ever” for the Crown “to embrace, integrate and unites all Spaniards “.

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