he assures us that “he has a serious problem” with the unemployment data and accuses him of giving “false figures”

Posted: Wednesday June 16 2021 1:05 PM

The Vice-President of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, and the General Secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, this Wednesday played a tense clash in the Congress of Deputies, during the government control session. The popular leader has disfigured the minister the results of the minimum living income, also assuring that the government “does not provide a solution to the housing issue” and that with them, people without resources “should put the washing machine in dawn while others can sleep soundly. ”

“They have left a lot of people behind, they are their social shield”, underlined García Egea, adding that “in 15 days the bill has increased by 30 euros, and this Tuesday a record was recorded”. “He did absolutely nothing,” concluded the PP secretary general in his first speech, which received a lively response from Yolanda Díaz. “You have a serious problem with the data. You tell us that we have five million unemployed in Spain, and on April 14, two months ago, you told me there were six million.”

Díaz accused him of lying: “Neither figure is true. Both are false. Note well: in Spain, to date, there are 3,781,250 unemployed, unless you mean – and certainly not – that the Government was able to create a million jobs in almost two months “. Once again, he was blunt in demanding that you “examine your data”. Far from accepting as valid the data proposed by the vice-president, García Egea insisted on his intervention on this same question.

The popular leader affirmed that “there are nearly six million people who want to work and cannot, adds ERTE, self-employed with cessation of activity …”. And he added, “No matter how much you move your head, this reality is not going to change it.” At this point, he criticized the minister for the repeal of the labor reform: “We have two options: either lie to Brussels and repeal the labor reform, or your word is worthless and you will not touch a comma . Be courageous and speak the truth. “

García Egea once again put the increase in the price of the electricity bill on the table: “They backed the promise to lower it and this week we saw the most expensive recipe in history. a scandal. Since you have a position They don’t care anymore about the price of electricity, and they have to work for everyone. ” So he concluded by asking Díaz “that he should be a little humble and stop being the most expensive government in history”. In his second speech, Díaz devoted himself to responding to the accusations made by García Egea.

They practiced the biggest tax gift to friends of the PP, the biggest tax amnesty in history. ”

“I will remind you and remind you of the ‘Fridays of Pain’ of the PP. Do you know how many tax increases have been promoted in your government ?, IVI, corporate tax; they have created a tax for lotteries and even recorded a tax on the sun “. The response of the third vice-president did not stop there: “While they were doing this, by raising the taxes of the popular and middle classes, the biggest tax gift was given to the friends of the PP, the biggest tax amnesty. Of the history.”

For this reason, Díaz asked him “not to talk about taxes to the Spanish government”. He then answered the question about the price of electricity: “It is a very serious problem for millions of families in this country. We are committed to lowering the electricity bill despite your proposals. never been done and with the PP against: stop obtaining the benefits fallen from the sky. ”At this stage, he denounced that Spain has“ two problems ”linked to“ the electric oligopoly and the revolving doors ”.

“Among them, you are experts”, reproached Yolanda Díaz, while affirming that they will never see her “at an electrician”. Finally, he asked García Egea to take “this problem seriously and help the Spanish government to reduce the electricity bill as well”.

Unprecedented levels of light

Since the entry into force of the new tariff system, Spain has followed significant increases in the price of electricity for a week. This Wednesday, a high value of electricity was recorded on the market, standing at 94.63 euros per megawatt hour (MWh). However, the record continues to be set in January 2012, when the average daily price was 103.76 euros / MWh.

The second highest occurred on January 8, 2021, when, coinciding with storm Filomena, a value of 94.99 euros / MWh was recorded. On December 8, 2013, it amounted to 93.11 euros and on 18 to 91.89 euros / MWh, and on January 25, 2017 the price of electricity reached 91.88 euros / MWh. This Tuesday, the value was 90.95 euros / MWh.

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