“He does himself little justice”


Posted: Monday June 28 2021 10:40 AM

Last Friday, the former president of the government, José María Aznar, accused the Socialist Party of coming to power thanks to the 11M attacks, as well as a motion of no confidence “supported by separatists and exterrorists”.

Statements which have already provoked the reaction and the anger of various political leaders, mainly of the PSOE, but which have today found a new response from the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez: “I think that Aznar does little justice to him. himself. political figures who are devoured by their own characters, ”the president said on Monday in an interview with Cadena Ser.

In accordance with these statements, Sánchez claims that the former popular president “won the 1996 elections by invoking Azaña and concluding pacts with Basque and Catalan nationalisms”. Something which, according to the head of the National Executive, has now “transferred”: “He claims a figure which is not such in view of his historical contribution. It has been lost, what we see is a figure completely distorted from what Aznar represented in this first legislature, ”he insists.

Thus, for Sánchez, the former leader “represents the past”, and refers directly to the statements he published last Friday: “It should be much fairer with Spanish democracy. We cannot say that the PSOE won the elections in the attacks or in the motion of censure, ”he underlines. And with that, he condemned: “The first thing I should do is apologize for putting Spain in an unjust war, like it was in Iraq.

Aznar’s statements

During her speech at an event with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the former president of the Popular Party sent a resounding message regarding the political strategies of the PSOE: “They reached the government at least two times in very special circumstances: it was in 2004, when he arrived following certain terrorist attacks, using these attacks to try to affect the credibility of the government, ”he said.

Thus, according to Aznar, the Socialists would not have used this strategy on one occasion, but on two occasions, as he points out when he obtained the majority in Parliament to remove Mariano Rajoy from the Executive: “The second time , it was with a motion of no confidence supported by the separatists and the exterrorists. This is how they came to power, ”he concluded.

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