“He is not an accomplice of anything”

Update: Monday June 14, 2021 19:38

Posted: 14.06.2021 19:37

A día después of which Isabel Díaz Ayuso preguntase públicamente if Felipe VI “goes to firmar” los posibles indultos a los independentistas Catalanes y if el Gobierno goes to “hacer cómplice de esto”, la presidenta madrileña se ha visto obligada a matizar sus words. Not only because of pressure from the government and other parties, which demanded an explanation, but also because of the unease that these statements caused in their own party. “The commitment to which they are going to submit him hurts me deeply. Of course he is not complicit in anything,” he has now clarified.

The “popular” today defended that “all the blame falls, for the record, on the Prime Minister, who deteriorates all the institutions of the State and the international image of Spain to his benefit”, he said. -he thinks.

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