“He is playing politics with a party that becomes reckless if it has to condemn terrorism”

Published: Tuesday November 17 2020 20:32

Government President Pedro Sánchez dodged controversy over EH Bildu’s support for budgets when he appeared in the Senate and presumed the accounts had passed the first parliamentary procedure by a wide margin.

Sánchez defended himself from the criticism of the PP and predicted that neither they nor Vox will prevent the approval of the “beneficial and indispensable” accounts for Spain, which will end, he predicted, with the ” parliamentary blockade “and will allow entry” into a necessary phase, which is that of stability. ”

“Never before has a vote been used to introduce Bildu into the leadership of the state,” denounced the PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, alluding to the words of the second vice-president, Pablo Iglesias.

“Anyone from the PP, yesterday, today and tomorrow, can say that Bildu represents the worst in Spanish politics, and you cannot suggest it today, because, if he did, he would lose the budget, government and even the Moncloa mattress. “, affected it.

In view of this, Sánchez asked himself: “Where is the right and what has he done in the midst of this pandemic?”, And accused the PP of trying to overthrow the government with a way of doing politics full of lies and “fake news” which, he warned, has already suffered a “resounding defeat” in the United States.

Defense against your own party voices

Sánchez defended during the Senate control session the support of 198 deputies for the treatment of the budget, in an intervention in which he did not mention once the abertzale formation or the reluctance with which certain socialist barons received their predisposition say yes to government accounts.

A support which, according to the spokesperson of the minister, María Jesús Montero, recalled today, is not completely closed and which started in any case from conversations on “the figures and the public accounts” and not from other types of requests, according to the minister, alluding to the prison situation of ETA detainees.

With Sánchez profile on the issue in the Senate, Montero has been tasked with reminding both comrades of the PSOE and right-wing parties that ETA disappeared ten years ago. And he pointed out that Bildu has legal representation in Congress and, therefore, can make deals with the executive, like any other party.

“The more support the budget has, the better”, said the spokesman for the minister, who lamented that Vox and the PP are more “in the short dribble” than to contribute to the improvement of a country mired in a pandemic.

“Hopefully the total, 100% of the deputies, would give their support to these accounts,” asked Montero, who also reaffirmed the government’s intention to “consolidate the widest possible majority” of support from other parties in the face of the advance of the legislature, relying on both the nomination partners and the Cs.

Montero protected himself in his role as government so as not to get into controversy with the socialist barons, who faced with protests from Sánchez for spreading the differences responded yesterday that they would be delighted to be loyal if ever they counted. on them in private and not. discover them “because Iglesias tells them about it in public”.

They received a response from the spokesperson of the PSOE in Congress, Adriana Lastra, who assured that in the leadership of the party, they listened to their “old”, but that now it is up to a “new generation” to lead the party. country and also the Socialist Party itself. .

“We are a new generation whose turn it is to lead the country and the leadership of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party,” he said at a press conference in Congress, where the chairman of the United We Can, Jaume Asens, denied having no agreement reached with EH Bildu but a desire to understand each other.

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