“He is very unlikely to have any serious side effects”

Publication: Monday March 15, 2021 20:09

The Minister of Health called for “peace” after the suspension of vaccination with AstraZeneca due to various cases of thrombosis detected in patients who had been inoculated with it in various European countries, including Spain.

“I want to send a message of peace to the public. Our health services are involved in this decision and, in general, so far there has only been one case,” insisted Darias, who asked for the trust “of the pharmacovigilance system, which it makes a very rigorous analysis.”

In this sense, Darias recalled that out of the 939,534 people vaccinated in Spain with a dose of AstraZeneca, only one case of cerebral venous thrombosis was detected in one patient.

A message insisted by the director of the Spanish Medicines Agency María Jesús Lamas. “What one can expect from the AstraZeneca vaccine is to have protection against COVID, above all else,” explained Lamas, who said that “the likelihood of having an adverse effect with no any drug exists, “so it’s” highly unlikely. “

“The incidence is very low. What we need to do is have the information on what to do if there is any symptom, but it is very unlikely that someone who received the vaccine would have a serious effect. You have to study it and establish whether there is a causal relationship with the vaccine, because for the moment the association only coincides in time, ”he explained.

The director of CCAES, Fernando Simón, also addressed the citizens of this line, and recalled that “the trials generally include between 4,000 and 5,000 patients, and in this case they have included up to 50,000.” .

There is one case for every 1,700,000 people vaccinated

Thus, he defended that “there was no rush in this vaccination process” and that “we are in one case out of 1,700,000 people vaccinated” with undesirable effects: “We should have had all these people in clinical trials for a It’s not a matter of rushing, you can’t anticipate all of the very, very rare possible side effects.

In addition, Minister Darias reiterated that it was a “provisional and preventive suspension, until the European Medicines Agency decides”.

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