“He obeys the lack of internal leadership”

Publication: Friday 23 October 2020 10:49

The governments of the Community of Madrid, the Region of Murcia and Andalusia are not in danger at the moment. Vox supports the executives trained by PP and Ciudadanos and, despite Pablo Casado’s speech during the censure motion, he will continue to do so.

This was announced yesterday by far-right party sources and Santiago Abascal made it clear. He assures us that he is very hurt by the attitude of the leader of the “popular”, but he will not “take him to the political field”.

“The attacks affected me on a personal level, the rupture is true. I cannot continue to speak well of Pablo Casado. I am indignant but I will not take him on the political ground”, he declared in statements to ‘EsRadio’. For the president of Vox, the important thing was not the vote of the “popular” bench, but the speech of Casado. An intervention which, he says, “is due to a lack of internal leadership”.

The PP “unfairly hit the only loyal partner and the landscape has changed dramatically”

According to him, the PP “unfairly hit the only loyal partner” and what happened yesterday in Congress “radically changed the landscape”. However, he specifies that for now the governments of Madrid, Murcia and Andalusia will maintain, even if he warns that “things are difficult”.

And the fact is that the leader of the “popular” was very hard with Santiago Abascal and his party after announcing that he would vote “no” to the motion of censure recorded against Pedro Sánchez. “It’s not that we’re not brave, that we don’t dare, it’s that we don’t want to be like you,” he said very harshly. In fact, he came to reproach him for his passage in the ranks of the PP.

In this regard, Abascal considers that Casado “said sacred things”. “Why don’t you tell me that the PP fed me? What is this conception of politics? When Pablo carried the briefcase to the former president, what was it? An employee?”

Abascal does not regret having presented the motion of censure because “it is a great success to portray the government”

Despite everything that happened, he said he did not regret having presented the motion of censure because “it is a great success to portray the government with all the partners”. His proposal was rejected by all parties in the chamber, except his own, but he considers that Sánchez “left yesterday supported by ETA in a more visible manner”.

Macarena Olona spoke in the same vein, wanting to send a message of “tranquility” to Murcians, Andalusians and the people of Madrid. “Everyone can be very calm because, unlike the rest of the teams, our principles are not for sale,” he said in an interview with “Espejo Público”. The deputy for Vox believes that everything that happened responds to “a performance negotiated between the PP and the PSOE”.

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