He seeks to train equality officers

The approval of RD 901/2020 regulation on equality plans and their 902/2020 remuneration registration and audit on October 13, 2020, highlights the need for good equality practices that companies need to develop.

According to CEOE data, 30,000 companies with current legislation must develop equality plans, which affect more than 2.5 million workers. If one thinks of an average of 6 to 8 members per equality committee and per company, the data on the need for equality officers is served.

Beyond legislation and legal requirements, we must generate a positive culture of equality in companies and understand the Equality Plan, it is an instrument which, when properly targeted, can be very useful. This is a good opportunity to move forward in this area both for companies improving their brand, policies and processes, as well as for professionals who want to develop and generate strong cultures aligned with our times.

From the OPEM Universidades, we are dedicated to online and offline training with our own methodology, managers and managers, with programs and agreements developed with universities. We like to feel like service partners, humanize technology, and be agile and innovative. Our experience is proven by working with major brands since 2007.

From our field of work in training, and to answer various questions on equality, we have developed the Superior Equality Agent Program (PSAI), to train Equality Agents, which as established by the regulations must be accredited By specific training and having the appropriate knowledge to constitute and participate in equality committees which are the basis for negotiating plans in organizations.

In addition, we recently organized the online roundtable “Effective equality between women and men. Organizational aspects and legislative developments”, presented by Jos Antonio Carrin, Director of Programs at the OPEM, with the participation of over 150 professionals.

We would like to highlight the main conclusions of the day and invite you to watch them on our YouTube channel. In the short term, it is important to work in several axes:

Creation of equality committees and integration of professionals with the necessary training and experience. Bases of the previous diagnosis in the equality plan. Allocation of resources and participation of the legal representation of workers, the plan cannot be an exclusively outsourced development with little or no participation of the company itself and of the RLT. Protocols for the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination based on sex. Indirect discrimination in wages. Where the agreement is always respected, there are different categories, with equal responsibilities, but different salaries are usually awarded in favor of men. Obligation to record wages: if lower pay is received for work of equal value, due to the gender of the person performing it, without any objective justification, discrimination is made.

Training and updating in this area will therefore be essential in the short and medium term.

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