“He still lies like he has done a thousand times”

Publication: Monday March 8, 2021 9:10 PM

The former minister and former secretary general of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal, assured that the former treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, “still lies” accusing him of having collected bonuses from the party and recalled that he had already been found guilty of similar “defamation and insults” against him.

“This person, in the context of legal proceedings, lies again, as he has done a thousand times although he is legally prohibited from speaking about me”, notes Cospedal in a statement on Monday which comes out in front of the manifestations of Bárcenas in the judgment of celebrated at the National Hearing by the pretended payment in money of the presumed box B of the PP.

Of course, he recognizes that in his procedural condition “he can lie with impunity to defend himself, which he does exactly”, even though “libel and insults, unfortunately, are sometimes more popular and have a lot more publicity than palpable manifestations. of their existence as such “.

María Dolores de Cospedal, who avoids referring to Bárcenas by name and surname, details in her statement the convictions for which he has already been convicted in connection with accusations of alleged corrupt practices in the PP during the Mariano phase Rajoy at the head of the party. He also underlines the “animosity” towards him expressed by the former treasurer and adds that this “in itself already discredits all his statements”.

The former Minister of Defense recalls that the provincial court of Toledo condemned her for violating the right to honor “with an obligation to cease such interference” and fixed compensation of 50,000 euros that Cospedal did not have still perceived. Likewise, he cites the so-called “computer lawsuit” on the destruction of their computers by the PP, supposedly to hide evidence, a procedure which ended with the “free dismissal” of the people investigated. “because the accusations were clearly false.”

The third case that prompted another separate exhibit against Luis Bárcenas, Cospedal adds, investigated an alleged irregular decision by Toledo city council – to which she also testified – and ended with an acquittal. To conclude his argument, Cospedal insists that justice has already proven its right in two cases in which Bárcenas tried to implicate it. And he explains that in the third, open at his initiative for his “defamations”, not only did he force him “not to speak of me in the defamatory and insulting terms in which he does so” but also condemned him. to pay him 50,000 euros, which you still owe.

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