he therefore believes that the left will beat Ayuso in 4M

United We Can candidate for the Community of Madrid elections, Pablo Iglesias, called for the mobilization of the popular classes in the region so as, at least, not to suffer the “humiliation” of seeing as the “noisy minority” Who defends their privileges of winning by participating in their electoral strongholds, citing the case of the district of Salamanca.

For this reason, he assured that he was not going to ask for the vote for United We Can but that he calls on the working class who reside in the southern districts and in the outlying communes to support the progressive force “whatever.” she wants ”, since the“ elbows ”between left parties are the greatest“ demobilizing ”element in Madrid.

This was indicated during a law on housing policies where he stressed that it is one of the elements that best illustrates the functioning of power in Spain and gave as an example the reactions of certain sectors to the regulation of the rental price, which they are asking to introduce in the new housing law to comply with the agreement of the coalition government.

According to him, there is a minority in Madrid that seeks to maintain an “absurd” structure of privileges in terms of economic efficiency, but with strong allies in the political, economic and media sectors. Although “less numerous”, this minority “never makes a mistake” and “never stops voting”. Therefore, he described as a “mistake” that in this pre-campaign progressive political parties are focused on speaking for themselves.

Call to vote against “a very noisy minority”

“I am not going to ask for a vote for United We Can because I believe it is not a question of parties. It is a question of whether only the same minority votes as always or if there are many people who stayed behind. the house several times will vote. ” In this way, he urged left-wing parties to “not pounce on each other” or “nudge each other”, given that it is precisely the “greatest demobilizing effector” that has worked. in Madrid in recent years, and which the political right has used with “intelligence”.

Therefore, he will not say “a bad word” to the rest of the progressive candidates nor ask for a vote for United We Can, but rather the popular majority and the working classes will go to the polls to vote “in conscience” what ‘they think it’s better.

“The only thing I ask the inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods, the inhabitants of southern towns, the inhabitants of Henares, the inhabitants of the municipalities of Madrid, is that they go and vote what they want (…) But that they do not have to suffer the humiliation that the participation levels in the Barrio de Salamanca are much higher than in Parla, than in Vallecas, than in Pinto, than in Alcorcón or in the corridor Henares. with the feeling that a very noisy minority, which does not fail to vote, must decide on housing policies which will affect the majority later on, ”he stressed.

For Iglesias, with the sole fact that this social majority increases on May 4 so that “it only happens in the Barrio de Salamanca” it has a very high percentage of participation, then there will be the possibility of having a housing and health care policy, education and tax that represents the interests of “it is a majority which does not make noise, which does not insult or strike with the golf clubs”.

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