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Posted: Tuesday June 15 2021 11:16 AM

Isabel Díaz Ayuso does not correct. After her controversial remarks on the pardons and the signature (or not) of King Felipe VI, the interim president of the Community of Madrid underlines that she continues to “think exactly the same thing”, and even pointed out that the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, thinks like her.

In this sense, during an information breakfast attended by several popular leaders, including Casado, the president denied any type of rectification, and underlines that her statements yesterday, in which she stressed that “all the fault lies with the Prime Minister “, are only a” clarification “.

And this is where he goes further: after Casado has corrected his remarks, he ensures that both think “exactly the same”, and he goes so far as to assert that the king, signs or does not sign – a false dilemma, because by law the monarch yes or yes must sign – “is in question”.

“[Casado] think like me. We think the same thing, exactly the same thing. These politicians are absolutely happy to have put the king in a trap, because it is not a question of whether he signs or not, whatever he does. This is why I said that they wanted to make him an accomplice, even if of course he is not an accomplice ”, launched the president.

These are a few statements Ayuso made at the entrance to the event, which featured the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. That is, these are a few words he said before starting the act and without the presence of Casado, with whom he sat at the same table moments later and with whom he spoke. The latter, however, questioned later on this question, avoided answering.

“Yesterday, I did not correct”: Ayuso is framed in his words

During her speech to the media, the interim president did not hesitate to reiterate that she continues to think “absolutely the same thing” as that day in the Plaza de Colón. And, once again, he appealed to Casado, noting that, as far as the popular leader is concerned, “there has been no submission, no correction or imposition”. And he insists once again: “There are no problems with Casado.

A fact that contrasts with the popular Monday’s own declarations, in which he indicated that the parliamentary monarchy is exercised “impeccably by His Majesty Felipe VI”, trying to avoid any trace of guilt on the Head of State.

In fact, Ayuso’s statements reached such a level of controversy that the People’s Party itself had to show his face, although in public they had avoided disowning him. “This mention of the king was a rhetorical question that was not expected to be answered, it was to blame Sánchez,” sources from the region’s presidency told LaSexta.

“Ayuso knows very well that the king has to sign whatever the government gives him,” they had just said, also trying not to target one of his leaders with more weight. But today, in any case, the head of the party in the Community of Madrid has denied any call for attention, anger or reprimand from her superiors.

Moreover, emphatically: “Yesterday I made no corrections. Yesterday I clarified my words, but I still think absolutely the same thing.” And, like Columbus, he repeats: “It is an absolute shame that the King of all Spaniards, who is the enemy to beat separatists, must sign such a document.

Likewise, they specified that “it was not a question awaiting an answer” because, they assure, “Ayuso knows very well that the king must sign what the government gives him”. A message that they want to pass before the words of the President of the Community in office, from which they are distinguished.

points out that his new statements, in which he stressed that “all the blame lies with the Prime Minister” and that the monarch “is not complicit in anything”, were in fact only “a clarification”, but he denies that they suppose a reversal or a change in his speech: “Yesterday I did not make any correction. Yesterday I clarified my words, but I still think absolutely the same thing. It is an absolute shame that the King of all Spaniards, who is the enemy to beat for the separatists, must sign such a document. There is nothing to rectify, ”he concluded.

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