he took it off for a moment for an interview photo

Publication: Sunday, January 3, 2021 2:59 PM

Social networks disseminated a photograph of the Minister of Health on a platform at Sants station in Barcelona, ​​without a mask, which provoked a multitude of reactions criticizing the image.

“La Vanguardia” clarifies that the controversial image actually concerns a specific moment when Salvador Illa took off his mask to take a photo during his interview. In addition, in the newspaper, they assure that it was they who asked the question to the minister, who accepted for a moment and stressed that he had to take it both out of conviction and to set an example.

Illa himself shared footage from the interview on his personal Twitter account where you can see how the minister wears a mask virtually all the time.

For his part, Toni Cantó has been one of the Internet users who in recent hours has wanted to show his indignation at the image. The Ciudadanos politician shared the snapshot with the following text: “As a measure of safety and prevention against COVID-19, the use of masks in outdoor spaces and on public passenger transport is mandatory. if you are Minister, of course … “.

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