“He was a victim of hatred and homophobia”

Update: Monday, July 12, 2021 2:17 PM

Posted: 12.07.2021 14:16

Miquel Iceta remembered Samuel Luiz, murdered after a brutal beating in La Coruña. He did so in the transfer of the portfolios of the new Pedro Sánchez government in which the Ministry of Culture and Sports assumed.

In his speech to the media, he made a speech in favor of culture and against “hatred and barbarism” and spoke of the homophobic motives behind this crime.

“I can’t stop thinking of Samuel Luiz, brutally murdered a victim of violence, hatred, intolerance and yes, homophobia,” said the socialist leader.

Likewise, he assured that “only a cultivated country can be a free country because culture is the opposite of barbarism” and implies, among other things, “tolerance, respect and coexistence”.

In the video that accompanies these lines you can hear the words of the already holder of the Culture and Sports portfolios.

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