“He was born in a country where running water was a luxury”

Posted: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 3:13 PM

“Spain can do it again.” This is the note of hope with which Pedro Sánchez wanted to conclude his assessment of the first year of the coalition government, during which the country – and the world – was struck by the coronavirus pandemic.

In his speech on Tuesday, in which he presented his executive’s accountability report, the president spoke of Araceli Hidalgo, the first Spanish woman to be vaccinated in our country, and the generation that, at 96, she represents.

“This last Sunday, the first Spanish woman was vaccinated against COVID-19, Araceli Rosario Hidalgo,” Sánchez began. “Araceli was born in 1924. Araceli was born in a backward country where access to running water was a luxury”, added the socialist leader, who also recalled “the wages of poverty” and the ” painful working conditions “from the start. 20th century.

“At that time, half of the population of our country was illiterate, 14 children out of 100 born at the same time as Araceli died before their second birthday”, he added, recalling that at that time, “the women had to have permission for a man even to sell his properties. “

“It was the starting point for those born in 1924,” added Sánchez, who referred to Araceli Hidalgo’s generation as “who saw nine popes, 17 American presidents, who saw and suffered the consequences of a world war, another civil war, two dictatorships ”and“ half a dozen crises of economic pressure ”.

“For 42 years, Araceli and the generation she represents have lived in a fully democratic nation that grows, thrives, has public services that protect everyone and build a country,” said the president, who argued that the Spain is now “a democratic country, a European country, of women less and less victims of discrimination”.

“Spain can do it again, it is already starting to do it in fact,” said the president, referring to the pandemic crisis, ensuring that “we have the strength and the talent” to do it . “We only need two things, confidence and hope to get there,” he concluded.

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