“He was not born to kill the concertés”

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, accused the rights of Spain (PP and Vox) of “hacking the mind” with “lies” and “media manipulation” on the organic law amending LOMCE (LOMLOE), colloquially known as the “Celaá Law”.

“The inseparable binomial of equity and excellence is what founds LOMLOE and it is what the rights cannot support, which always opposed the progressive laws with exactly the same arguments: religion, concert and language, always the same arguments, “Celaá criticized.

This was said this Sunday at the socialist headquarters in Ferraz the Minister of Education and FP during a meeting with representatives of the educational community to discuss LOMLOE. For Celaá, the philosophy of PP and Vox is “that those who run the most, those who can do it with better sneakers, reach the goal as soon as possible”. For this reason, he stressed that the new law on education “seeks to provide everyone so that he can, according to his rhythms, reach each one to the maximum of the development of his talent, of his potential”.

LOMLOE, as the Minister added, is based on “the philosophy of excellence, the promotion of maximum talent and fairness”. “The task is to provide all the opportunities for the students so that they can achieve the goal,” he said. Among the issues addressed by the new education reform, Celaá highlighted “the limitation of privileges, the elimination of ghettos and the return of public education to a place where it should never have been. be diverted ”. “He was not born to kill the concerted. It promotes a debate on the quality of the public service offer, that’s what this law does,” he said.

In the same spirit, he underlined that the law reveals the “weaknesses” of the Spanish education system and addresses them. According to him, “if anything has highlighted the pandemic, it is these weaknesses”. Likewise, he explained that it is a law which “deals with the main problems of the system, the school dropout rate, the highest repetition rate or the need to work on the professional career of teachers”. “It’s a law that puts investment, puts economic resources on the table,” he said.

“The law limits a series of rights and privileges”

For his part, the Secretary of Education and Universities of the PSOE, Mª Luz Martínez Seijo, criticized the opposition of a right which “far from trying to build the educational project has settled into a” no ” permanent, in confrontation, in lies, by spreading hoaxes and falsehoods which generate mistrust in the education system “.

For this reason, he explained that LOMLOE introduces the right of all students to receive instruction in Spanish and in the co-official language. “We are improving that any student who has detected some sort of deficit in either of the two languages ​​can be corrected,” he said. In addition, he stressed that the new educational reform “does not intend to put an end to the model of concerted education”, an opinion which, in his opinion, “implies a disregard of the Spanish Constitution” .

“The freedom of education is not at stake. What this law does is limit a series of rights and privileges that allowed a type of concert based on profit rather than social goals,” the socialist, while stressing “Freedom is not just for those with resources, it is for all students.”

Finally, Martínez Seijo assured that LOMLOE “does not aim to put an end to special education”, which he considers “the most immoral lie”, but that it promotes a model of inclusive education and “guarantees families the freedom to be able to educate their children in the most inclusive way possible”. “This law guarantees quality education for all,” he said.

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