“He will charge € 75,000 for scratching his eggs with both hands”

Updated: Thursday 01 July 2021 18:42

Posted: 07/01/2021 6:40 PM

The mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, joined the criticism and was particularly harsh with the creation of the Spanish Institute designed by the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and which will be headed by Toni Cantó.

In a Twitter post, the mayor compared a mayor’s salary and work with what the former Ciudadanos chief will do in his new post.

“For those who find a great deal that a mayor bills € 86,000 per year, with a city under his supervision, 3,200 workers and a budget of 360 million, and have no Sundays or public holidays to keep, think that Cantó Toni will charge € 75,000 for scratching the eggs with two hands, ”he said.

A comment that has already accumulated more than 3,500 ‘likes’ and 1,200 retweets on the social network, and which was qualified by another harsh message: “Ah. And what sounds strong is the Spanish of Valladolid. From the purest and harshest Castilian. Which is well understood. Let’s see if that protects him from the beach bar they created for him. “

Asked later about these statements, Puente reiterated that he Cantó “is crap that he is going to live at the expense of the Spaniards, receiving a salary of 75,000 euros a year for doing nothing”. In this sense, he pointed out that “this is not a heater” so he does not “cut” and reiterate the disqualification, but the second descriptive statement prefers not to repeat it.

“Indeed, it sucks, I do not even cut half a hair when saying it. And it is bullshit that he will live at the expense of the Spaniards and charge 75,000 euros per year for doing nothing”, he added. .

He is not the only member of the opposition to have distressed Cantó’s nomination. One of the toughest was Más Madrid leader Mónica García, who said on her Twitter account that Madrid “is the fifth community that invests the least in culture per capita”.

After not having been able to participate in the Popular Party lists for lack of registration in time, and Ayuso not having counted on him for his Council of Government, the Community of Madrid set up the Office of Spanish, a newly created body with which Toni Cantó has already found accommodation within the Community of Madrid.

The objective of this new center is to promote Spanish and to make Madrid “the capital of Spanish in Europe”. “Its realization would have great advantages not only in the cultural and university fields, but also in the tourist, economic and commercial sectors”, they underlined since the regional government.

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