“He will have to decide if he supports Casado or is part of the split”

Posted: Friday October 23 2020 11:39 AM

The Popular Party has no fear for the governments of the Community of Madrid, the Region of Murcia and Andalusia, supported by Vox. They consider that the far-right formation “will have to decide whether it supports Casado or is part of the rupture”. In his opinion, if they enter these communities, they will show that “they care more about what they say about the party in Parliament”.

This is how the secretary general of the party, Teodoro García Egea, said he voted against the motion of censure because “neither Vox nor his team are qualified to lead Spain” and they will never be ” a real alternative “to the left.

“If Vox considers autonomy budgets to be slashed because he feels offended in Congress, let citizens know that Vox cares more about what they say about him in Parliament. What if Vox thinks he does. can play with the voters of the PP and we remain silent, that they give up all hope ”, condemned.

The PP believes that “neither Abascal nor his party are qualified to lead Spain”

Speaking to “Cope”, the “popular” felt that “it is obvious that Sánchez wanted to reach this debate because he was going to win it” and Abascal’s proposal was not against the executive, but rather “against Casado”. “After months of real work by the People’s Party, others have only been preparing the censure motion for months,” he added.

Cuca Gamarra spoke in the same vein, who pointed out in “Espejo Público” that “the motion was clearly aimed at defending the worst government and attacking Casado”. For this reason, he says, the PP “responded and dotted the i’s” to the formation of the far right.

The spokesperson for the People’s Party in Congress believes that yesterday it was clear that the alternative lay through her party. “Spain needed to be able to see that we do not want the rupture. There is another possible Spain, that of the agreement and which lifts its shoulder, and this is what Pablo Casado transferred to Spaniards, ”he added.

For his part, Santiago Abascal made it clear that, for the moment, Vox will continue to support the PP governments in the autonomies where necessary. He admitted that he was very “hurt” by the attitude of the leader of the “popular”, but he will not “take him to the political scene”. “The attacks affected me on a personal level, the rupture is true. I cannot continue to speak well of Pablo Casado. I am indignant but I will not take him on the political ground”, he added .

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