Health adds 9,212 new COVID-19 cases, incidence drops to pre-Christmas levels

Publication: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 6:05 PM

The Department of Health has reported 9,212 new cases and 389 deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. Figures that confirm the downward trend in infections despite a rebound, after 7,461 new infections recorded yesterday, the lowest figure so far this year. Since the start of the pandemic, Health has recorded 3,170,644 coronavirus infections and 68,468 deaths from the disease.

The cumulative incidence has also dropped to 218.67 cases, although it continues to be at “high” risk after yesterday successfully falling under “extreme” risk (250 cases) for the first time this year. . On the last day he fell in all the autonomous communities except the Canary Islands and Melilla. However, four regions continue to exceed 250 cases: Melilla (457), Madrid (339), Ceuta (311) and the Basque Country (274).

By observing the cumulative incidence data at 7 days, this downward trend can be verified. In this case, it stands at 84.13 cases, also a figure which denotes a “high risk” of contagion.

Hospitalizations in the department and in the ICU also continue to decline, although they have failed to reduce the high risk. Specifically, 10.67% of people hospitalized in the department are COVID patients (“high” risk), and today there are 674 fewer hospitalized than yesterday. A figure which passes to 30.55% in ICU and which, consequently, continues to be in “extreme risk”. In this sense, the only community that still has its intensive care units with more than 40% occupancy due to the coronavirus is Madrid, with 44.75%.

With the third wave in recession and four months after the start of the second state of alert due to the pandemic, the president of the government came to Congress to defend his management during the health crisis.

An appearance in which, for the first time, Sánchez made a self-criticism of the opening on Christmas dates. “We must not let our guard down then, therefore we must not do it now,” said the chief executive. The last time the president visited Congress to discuss the pandemic situation was two months ago, before the third wave.

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