Health and communities agree to eliminate capacity restrictions in outdoor sports competitions

The public will return to outdoor stadiums this weekend with no capacity restriction. The Interterritorial Council of the National Health System has approved this Wednesday, in a meeting early in the morning, that outdoor competitions can host the 100% of its capacity and, indoors, limit it to 80%. This new rule will be in force between October 1 and 31.

Until now the limit in the stadiums was in the 60% outdoors and in the 40% covered, something that affected the League (first and second division) and the ACB of basketball. Now it is extended to any sports competition. The intention of the Ministry of Health a priori was to continue limiting external capacity to 80%, but given the good situation epidemiological, the advancement of vaccination and the proposal of some autonomous communities, the final decision has been to eliminate the restrictions in the open sky, whenever the communities deem it appropriate.

The agreement has had the favorable vote of all the autonomies, except the Basque Country, which has been abstaining in the last decisions, since it considers that they are autonomic competence. In Euskadi, for the moment, the 60% of the capacity will be maintained. The Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, recalled in an interview on Radio Euskadi that the agreement of the Interterritorial Council sets maximum capacity, and that the Basque Government is competent in this matter, as the capacity will be maintained until it meets again the Advisory Council of the Civil Protection Plan, something that will do next week.

The 100% occupancy in Catalonia will not be reached either. In a statement to the press, the Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Carmen Cabezas, recalled that the Government, through the Procicat, authorized this past Tuesday gauges of the 60%, a measure that comes into force this Thursday and will continue despite the state agreement, reports EFE.

Health has insisted on a Note that it is a minimum agreement, that the autonomies can modulate and that non-pharmacological measures will have to be maintained, such as the use of a mask. You may not eat or drink, or consume tobacco or related products in the enclosures.

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The note sent by Health details: “Those attending the events will preferably be paid people, as well as the local public and the trainings will be carried out preferably without public and, in any case, with the limits of the maximum capacity established. The agreement also establishes the recommendation to provide natural ventilation permanently indoors, and if this is not possible, forced ventilation will be used in order to obtain adequate air renewal. Additionally, the competent authorities may add other measures based on the evolution of the pandemic, the impact of vaccination campaigns on the epidemiological situation and any new knowledge generated on the control of the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 ″.

This has been the only issue that has been discussed in an express Interterritorial Council, which began at eight in the morning and ended before nine, when the minister, Carolina Darias, left towards the Congress of Deputies to appear in the control session of the Government and, from there, leave for the Canary Islands, where he will meet face to face with the health advisers of the communities in a two-day monograph to discuss the future of the primary care.

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