Health detects ‘probable reinfection’ with Brazilian variant of coronavirus

Publication: Monday, March 1, 2021 6:38 PM

The Health Ministry has detected “a case of probable reinfection” with the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus during an outbreak of 11 cases recorded in Spain. This is indicated by the last update of its report on the variants of the virus considered important for our country, corresponding to this Monday, March 1.

According to the aforementioned document, to date a total of 17 cases of this variant, P.1, have been detected, including two isolated cases, both linked to Brazil, and three outbreaks.

The first of these foci includes two positive cases, and the second, in which the possible case of reinfection was detected, 11 cases. In none of these outbreaks has a link to Brazil been found. The third, on the other hand, is linked to a trip to this country and leaves two infections. This variant, according to Health, exhibits a “possible escape from the immune response.”

British and South African variants

On the other hand, the report shows the uneven expansion of the British variant on Spanish territory: it varies between 4% and 64% depending on the region. According to the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), the British or B.1.1.7, is “more transmissible” and “probably more deadly”, although it does not appear that its immunity loophole , either acquired through infection or vaccination, is important.

As for the South African variant, to date, 54 cases have been detected in our country, corresponding to one traveler from South Africa and six outbreaks.

One of these outbreaks is linked to a trip to Tanzania and the cases are spread across different Autonomous Communities. In another of the outbreaks, with seven positive cases, no link was identified with areas of high prevalence of the variant. The remaining four outbreaks were detected in the same city, and in none of them was any travel history to South Africa or other countries in the region found.

According to the CCAES, the South African variant, or B.1.351, is “probably more transmissible” and presents “a possibility of evading the immune response acquired after a natural infection or generated by certain vaccines”.

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