Health doubts the safety of Madrid’s plan to carry out antigen tests in pharmacies

Publication: Friday November 27 2020 12:01

The Ministry of Health doubts the Community of Madrid’s plan to carry out antigenic tests in pharmacies. Although they have yet to receive the report with the measures, as LaSexta has learned, they are not clear on the security strategy.

Despite this, they stress that they will not take an official decision until the Madrid government’s plan is revised, which will only address asymptomatic people and will be voluntary by the pharmacy offices. .

Precisely this Thursday, Minister Illa has already expressed several doubts about the implementation of this initiative. “If you are positive you must let us know, how is the test administered? What will happen if the result is positive and there are people waiting at a shorter distance? Who is responsible the interpretation of antigenic tests? ” The Minister.

The Madrid executive has already outlined some measures that provide answers to some of these questions: the tests can only be carried out by pharmacists, deputies, regents or regular substitutes when they have passed the “updating courses of knowledge “of the Official College of Pharmacists.

In addition, they point out that pharmacies will communicate the results to the public health service through a “secure connection line” such as the one that uses electronic prescribing. In addition, pharmacies that perform tests during opening hours must have a specific COVID-19 circuit.

Pharmacies that perform tests outside of business hours, as well as those that do so during office hours, must provide a specific area for performing tests that will be disinfected after each test.

Despite the reluctance of Health, Madrid adviser Ruiz-Escudero assured that if the ministry gives the green light, the tests will begin to be carried out “throughout the month of December”.

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