Health leaves restrictions on nightlife and hospitality in the hands of the autonomous communities

Health and Autonomous Communities reached a new agreement in the Interterritorial Council to remove restrictions on the hotel industry that included the Declaration of Coordinated Actions (DAC) and transform those that governed nightlife and mass events in just recommendations. All this a week after the document which establishes mandatory restrictions and which was approved without consensus.

Decisions are now in the hands of the autonomous communities. “Hospitality measures are not part of this document, and those for nightlife and mass events become recommendations. The rest of the DAC remains in its entirety”, underlined the Chief of Health, Carolina Darias, in the press conference after the Council meeting. .

In this way, the ministry removes the sections that had provoked the response against certain regions, such as Madrid, Andalusia or Euskadi, among others. And this is how the Minister defended it: “The Government is always listening to everyone, to the autonomous communities, to the autonomous cities, to the sectors concerned … What we unanimously approved is a revision of the DAC in search of consensus. and the agreement, ”he added. Of course, there was one region that did not want to participate in the vote.

What changes in the new document?

Concretely, the new text eliminates the sections which alluded to hospitality and transforms into a “recommendation” those of nightlife and mass events. It is, in the first place, that refers to the closure of the interior of the hospitality industry in communities that are level 3 or higher. A measure that was in the previous update plan, but that Health had saved (and made it mandatory) in the new modification. Now it is directly deleted.

Second, Health is also removing the limitation on the closing hours of these same establishments. So, although in the previous text it was specified that bars and restaurants should close no later than 1:00 a.m. (without admitting new customers after 12:00 a.m.), there is now no specific directive, so it will depend autonomous governments. themselves.

Finally, regarding nightlife, Health will ultimately impose no measure, it only recommends closing at two in the morning depending on the epidemiological situation.

“The split image does not help”

If we enter this crisis together, we come out together “

And with this change in the way the ministry acts, Carolina Darias announced that there has been “a shared determination, and it is that the exit must be common, agreed”, because she recognizes, “l ‘image of the division does not help “. “If we enter this crisis together, we will emerge together. “

For this reason, he spent time at his press conference acknowledging the efforts of all Council members, “because consensus is not easy, but if it is sought, it has been found.”

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