Health notifies 10,143 new infections and 137 deaths in last day

Publication: Thursday April 29, 2021 18:52

The Ministry of Health added this Thursday 10,143 infections and 137 deaths due to COVID-19 to the official data which reflects the evolution of the pandemic in Spain. Of the newly notified coronavirus cases, a total of 4,889 have been counted in the past 24 hours.

Since the start of the pandemic, in Spain, 78,080 people have died from the coronavirus and a total of 3,514,942 have been infected with the disease and have been confirmed by a PCR test.

With data that Health says has shown “signs of hope” in recent weeks, the government has maintained its goal of not extending the state of alert which ends on May 9.

From that date, the CCAA will individually decide on their restrictions. From the executive, they are optimistic and stress that the situation “will improve remarkably” by then, and Vice President Carmen Calvo said on Thursday that this measure “cannot be maintained indefinitely in time because we have ordinary legislation, some courts and the Interritorial “.

Overall, the vaccination appears to be helping to keep the pandemic a little more stable, and the expressed goal of the government is that by next week five million Spaniards will have the full vaccination schedule.

Despite this, Health Minister Carolina Darias insisted to the Congress of Deputies’ Health Committee that “we must keep persevering until we reach an AI of less than 50”. “Although we are closer than ever to the end of the tunnel, the virus has not been defeated and the pandemic is not over,” he recalled.

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