Health opens door for sale of COVID-19 self-diagnostic tests in pharmacies without a prescription

Publication: Monday, May 3, 2021 20:13

Health is studying procedures for pharmacies to dispense rapid tests to detect COVID-19. It is, for the moment, a bill of royal decree of the Ministry of Health which would allow pharmacies, when it comes into force, to sell antigenic tests, saliva and auto tests. -nasal swab, to detect coronavirus unnecessarily. prescription.

The ministry recognizes in the draft new regulation, which will be submitted to a public hearing until May 13, that the health crisis “makes it necessary to increase the diagnostic capacity of the national health system, in order to quickly identify cases. suspect positive measures, to take the appropriate measures and thus effectively monitor the progress of the pandemic and at the same time care for those affected by the pandemic and help their recovery. “

It’s a measure that the pharmaceutical industry has been clamoring for for months, as they believe it could be effective in detecting more cases and reducing the workload in primary care. Además, el colectivo sostiene que la farmacia aporta equidad, ya que pone los test al alcance de todo el mundo, y también seguridad, pues el farmacéutico es un profesional que puede informar al cliente sobre el uso correcto de la prueba y sabe qué hacer con the results.

The president of the Federation of Pharmacists Associations of Catalonia, Antonio Torres, explained to laSexta that in this way they could “collaborate” with the public health system and “download” it by finding possible suspects of infection.

After all the legal treatment, at the earliest, citizens could have these antigen or antibody tests in pharmacies at the end of May.

It should be noted that in some regions, such as the Community of Madrid, antigen tests have already been carried out in pharmacies and dental clinics for several months, but always on medical prescription. Specifically, the Madrid health service is sending an SMS to all asymptomatic citizens residing in high-incidence areas to be able to perform this test for free. Other neighboring countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and Portugal, already sell these tests without the need to prescribe.

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