Health provides the names of the 15 technicians who were part of the committee that advised the government

Health provided the names of the 15 technicians who were part of the committee that advised the government in May and June on de-escalation in communities during the first wave of the pandemic, as noted in a resolution from the Transparency Portal in response to the request. from “”.

More specifically, the experts who were part of this committee were 14 technicians from the Ministry of Health: Fernando Simón, María José Sierra, Berta Suárez Rodríguez, Pello Latasa, Carmen Varela, Pilar Soler, Elena Vanessa Martínez Sánchez, Lucía García San Miguel, Oscar Pérez Olaso, Susana Monge, Carmen Olmedo, Silvia Rivera, María C. Vázquez and Paloma González Yuste; to which must be added an external expert, the vice-president of the Madrid Public Health Association (Amasap), Javier Segura del Pozo.

According to ‘’, the ministry in its resolution also states that “the preparation of the technical reports generated during the process was carried out by a team of professionals made up of technicians attached to the Ministry of Health and technicians appointed by each. of the autonomous communities ”and that“ they worked as a team sharing the available information and jointly examining the assessment of the situation ”.

Despite this, Health only provides the names of committee members who are part of its teams, indicating that it is up to the communities to detail theirs.

A committee headed by Simón and María José Sierra

Fernando Simón, as director of the Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center (CCAES), and Sierra, his “number two”, headed this committee.

With them, Berta Suárez is head of the CCAES zone; Carmen Varela is a tenured scientist at the National Epidemiology Center (CNE); Pilar Soler is a senior technician at the General Directorate of Public Health; and Pello Latasa is the current Director General of Public Health of La Rioja, but he was a technician from CCAES.

In addition, Elena Vanessa, Silvia Rivera and Lucía García San Miguel are CCAES technicians and epidemiologist Paloma González also CCAES; Oscar Pérez and Susana Monge are doctors attached to this organ; Carmen Olmedo is Head of the Ministry’s Immunization Programs Sector; and María C. Vázquez belongs to the General Directorate of Public Health.

“” also asked for the list of committee meetings indicating the dates they met, the members present and the topics they discussed at each meeting. However, as reported on its website, the Department of Health did not respond or refer to this point in its resolution.

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