Health reminds the autonomous communities that the nightlife can only open until 1 a.m.

Updated: Wednesday, May 12, 2021 7:34 PM

Posted on: 12.05.2021 19:33

The nightlife closure at 1:00 a.m. is still in effect. Despite the fact that some communities, when the state of alert fell, organized a new regulation of nightlife, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, reminded all the territories that there is a series of declarations of coordinated actions that are in force and that “are mandatory”, and among them is the one that limits the nightlife.

Andalusia, for example, intended to keep the premises open until 2 a.m. at the most, but after the Interterritorial Health Council, the health chief insisted that there be a statement. of coordinated actions that establishes a maximum opening until midnight. .1h00. An agreement in force since last August.

“ACCAs which have adopted contrary measures and which criminalize the declaration of coordinated action … they must necessarily comply with it,” added the Minister of Health. And in this context, he considered “paradoxical that the autonomous communities are those who break the rules when they force citizens to comply”.

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