Health removes restrictions inside the hotel industry and closing times in new draft COVID plan sent to autonomous communities

The health ministry decided to remove restrictions within the hospitality industry and closing hours approved by the Interterritorial Health Council last week.

This is indicated in the project that the Executive will send to the Autonomous Communities and to which laSexta has had access. In this sense, the ministry is removing the sections that had provoked the reaction of certain regions, such as Madrid, Andalusia or Euskadi, among others.

More precisely, the new text refers to subsections A) and B) of point 1. That is to say, first of all, to that which refers to the closing of the interior of the hotel in communities that are level 3 or higher. This is a measure that was included in the previous update plan, but which Health had saved (and made mandatory) in the new modification. Now it is directly deleted.

Second, Health is also removing the limitation on the closing hours of these same establishments. So, although in the previous text it was specified that bars and restaurants should close no later than 1:00 a.m. (without admitting new customers after 12:00 a.m.), there is now no specific directive, so it will depend autonomous governments. themselves.

Along with this, this project makes an additional change: with regard to nightlife places (pubs and discos), they will now also be able to open in areas that are at level 2. With the previous document, it was an action which could do only the territories which were at level 1 or in the new normal, so that the activity is made more flexible in this case.

The closing hours of these establishments will continue to be, at the most, 2 a.m., although it is possible to extend it until 3 a.m. Another novelty is contained in the text itself, if this update is approved, they indicate, all these measures may be subject to revision and application as the pandemic progresses. In other words, they are no longer strictly mandatory until a specific date, as was the case before.

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