Health reports 166 deaths from coronavirus, lowest number in a weekend in 2021

Publication: Monday March 15, 2021 6:25 PM

The Department of Health reported 11,358 new cases and 166 deaths from the coronavirus last weekend. Figures which show that the decline in cases has slowed compared to last Monday, when Spain recorded 11,958 infections. However, the decline in deaths is evident: while 166 people lost their lives this weekend, there were 298 last Monday.

Thus, the cumulative number of positives since the start of the pandemic stands at 3,195,062, exceeding 72,420 deaths from COVID-19.

The incidence continues with the downward trend of recent weeks, and now stands at 128 cases, two points below the 130 points of last Friday. Extremadura increased by a few points, leaving the risk low. In contrast, the Valencian Community has declined and is, with the Balearic Islands, at low risk below 50 cases.

For the first time in weeks, hospitalizations have increased. So today, COVID occupancy is 6.94, while it was 6.81 on Friday. The same is not true with the pressure in the ICU, which decreases to 21.04%, while six Autonomous Communities continue to be at extreme risk, with an occupancy rate above 25%.

These data come the day Spain decided to suspend vaccination with AstraZeneca “by order of the European Union”, and after the appearance of some cases of thrombosis in people who had recently been inoculated with this compound.

Germany, Italy and France had already taken this decision “as a precaution” a few hours earlier, thus joining other countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Ireland and Bulgaria.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, affirmed that “all the criteria are being evaluated” and assured that “the Spanish Medicines Agency, in collaboration with other agencies in Europe and the EMA, analyze the cases “of possible adverse effects.

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