Health reports first case of thrombosis in Spain in patient after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine

Posted: Monday March 15 2021 19:48

The director of the Spanish Medicines Agency, María Jesús Lamas, reported the first case of thrombosis detected in Spain in a patient who received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

During the press conference after the Interterritorial Council, during which the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, informed the autonomous communities about the suspension of vaccination with AstraZeneca for at least 15 days, Lamas indicated that the decision was due to increased cases of thrombosis. in other countries and the detection of a patient with cerebral thrombosis in Spain this Saturday.

With the suspension of vaccination with AstraZeneca, Spain joins other EU countries such as France, Germany or Italy, which announced the same measure today before the study of different cases of thrombosis in patients who received AstraZeneca vaccine.

As Lamas explained, of the 939,534 people vaccinated in Spain with a dose of AstraZeneca, “a case of cerebral venous thrombosis was detected in a patient who had received the vaccine and who is recovering”.

In this sense, Lamas defended that until last week “the benefit-risk ratio of the vaccine remained favorable, that it was not unusual to find thromboembolic events that were detected because they were lower than that at what one would expect in the general population. not vaccinated. “” It was not overly worrying for us, but the risk assessment changed over the weekend, “said Lamas, who assured that the case was announced on Saturday: “This is a very unusual case, but on the same day we learned of more cases in Germany and Norway.”

“It seemed to us that this aggregation of cases and, above all, not being able to exclude the biological plausibility of this very specific type of thrombosis (of the venous sinuses with low platelet count and severe disease) deserved an additional evaluation”, a-t -he explains .

Despite this, Lamas defended that “there are very few cases within the framework of the global vaccination”, and that the stop is carried out by “precaution”: “It is a vaccine which is dedicated to a healthy population and young, with less COVID effect, so it is convenient to stop it to identify if there is a causal pattern. “

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