Health responds to Asturias that home birth is not possible at the moment

Updated: Monday, November 2, 2020 1:51 PM

Published on: 02.11.2020 13:38

The government responds to Asturias, which has announced that it will ask the ministry for home placement for 15 days. This option does not arise for the moment: “It is not on the table, simply”, point out health sources to LaSexta, which ensures that this was transferred to the Asturian authorities during an urgent bilateral meeting this morning .

A “no” on which the President of the Principality was questioned during the press conference in which he communicated that he also decrees the closure of non-essential activities. The Minister of Health responded.

He assured that during this conversation with the ministry, “they took note of the circumstances”, the indicators on the positivity rate and the occupation of the UCI, and the measures they have taken, “they share them. fully”.

“They believe that the incidence may also not increase, but our opinion is that in addition to the non-increasing incidence, we must ensure that it is reduced,” he stressed, explaining that the Asturias’ “behavior” is similar to that of European countries, which is why they deem containment necessary: ​​”We are seeking to reduce mobility, a fundamental element of contagions”.

The President of the Principality assured that the aim was to avoid social contact and, although he pointed out that the government of Asturias did not have the competence to decree house arrest, he asked the central executive to do so for 15 days. Although Asturias has engaged in an “open door containment”, close to that of phase 1.

If we had the capacity, we would have done it already, tomorrow we have a meeting with the ministry and we expressed it this way, “they explained, assuring that in the meantime” we cannot wait. “In an appearance to announce new restrictions on dead registrations in the region last week, President Adrián Barbón announced a battery of measures that will take effect from Tuesday to Wednesday evening.

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