Health studies vaccinating the most vulnerable with a third dose by the end of 2021

Posted: Friday May 28, 2021 8:51 AM

As laSexta has learned, a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine will likely be delivered by the end of this year to those most vulnerable.

In addition, the Government will study in 2022 whether this third puncture also applies to the entire general population, specify sources from the Ministry of Health.

Apart from these government decisions, pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna have already announced that their vaccines will need a third dose to prolong immunity.

The first to announce it was Pfizer, whose co-founder assured that this third dose should be administered nine months after inoculation of the second. Ugur Sahin also pointed out that immunity starts to wane six months after the peak has been reached, so “probably after every year or maybe every 18 months” a new puncture will be needed.

The CEO of Moderna for his part said last week that it will be necessary to “vaccinate with a third dose all those who are at risk” after about eight months from the first puncture since, despite the fact that the vaccine is durable, new variations may reduce efficiency.

“That’s why we have to anticipate. And vaccinate with a third dose all people at risk from the end of the summer, in particular the residents of nursing homes who received their first dose at the beginning of the year. Two or three months of a delay would result in many hospitalizations and deaths. All adults, including young people, should be reminded to protect fragile unvaccinated people, ”he said.

In addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, Health also has views on the next influenza vaccination campaign in order to avoid possible saturations of the health system.

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