Health warns COVID positivity rate has doubled in one month: “Hard weeks are coming”

Publication: Monday, January 4, 2021 20:51

The head of unit of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, María José Sierra, warned that the percentage of tests with a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 has increased in recent weeks and has risen from around 7.5% in the first days of December at a percentage of 14% from January 1.

In several communities, even 15% positivity is exceeded, although data from the last week consolidated puts it at 10%. This was clarified by Sierra during the press conference after the Inter-Territorial Council of the National Health System and in which he warned that the trend of the evolution of the number of cases “continues to be clearly on the rise” and recalled that, “probably” even within “several days”, it is not possible to make a “really precise” assessment of the current situation, so he called for “caution”.

According to him, it is still “early” to assess the “real impact” that the possible transmission that occurred over Christmas will have on the cumulative incidence, but he insisted that the trend “is up” and, as the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, admitted that the evolution is, “to some extent, worrying”.

“Complicated and difficult weeks are coming, during which we must keep guard because there is an increase in cases,” said the minister. For this reason, he asked the population “not to relax the measures”.

British variant

The CCAES head of unit recalled that, during these days, the “majority” of neighboring countries notify the European alert network of cases linked to the new variant of the United Kingdom, where, according to Sierra, it “had been circulating since September u October ”, for what he considered“ logical that it is found in many countries ”.

The expert confirmed that it has also been found in several Spanish autonomous communities and that there are “a few more suspicious cases” on which the national reference laboratory and those of the regions are carrying out the sequencing of the virus and the results of which will be known “in a few days”.

Sierra pointed out that while “this is yet to be confirmed,” the new variant may be “more transmissible” and, according to information available to Health, “it does not appear to cause more serious disease”, although, due to its high transmissibility, “Obviously this will eventually impact all characteristics of the disease.”

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