Health will complete the vaccination with Astrazeneca for those under 60 years of age with the first dose they request.

Updated: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 9:24 PM

Published on: 05/19/2021 9:23 PM

The Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities approved this Wednesday during the meeting of the Interterritorial Council to allow those under 60 years vaccinated with a first dose of AstraZeneca to choose to complete the schedule with this same brand or with Pfizer.

Those who wish to do so will have to sign an informed consent, as reported by the Minister. Likewise, the Ministry informs that it will extend the consultation to the Bioethics Committee to give its approval.

The decision comes a day after the Public Health Commission agreed to put the second dose of Pfizer to this group of vaccinees with the first dose, a decision that has already been made in countries like Germany, France, Portugal, Sweden and Finland. Now they will be able to choose because of “extraordinary circumstances”.

The decision to recommend Pfizer came after hearing the results of the Carlos III Health Institute study that support the combination of the two vaccines. This institution indicated that the preliminary results of the CombivacS trial, in which 676 patients participated, indicate that the mixture of the two brands is safe and effective.

El pasado 30 de abril, Salud Pública decidió ampliar a 16 semanas el intervalo entre dosis para este grupo, a pesar de la recomendación de la Agencia Europea del Medicamento (EMA) to seguir administrando la segunda dosis de AstraZeneca entre cuatro y 12 semanas tras la first.

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