Healthy doctor dies 16 days after Pfizer received Corona vaccine, wife blames – Healthy US doctor dies 16 days after receiving Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine

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Dr Gregory Michael’s Pfizer crown vaccine dies in Miami, USA Dr Gregory’s wife said she was in perfect health before her husband received the corona vaccine. Woman said her husband’s blood after corona vaccine was applied There was a mysterious disruption in Washington
Dr Gregory Michael (56) died at Pfizer 16 days after applying the Corona virus vaccine in Miami, United States. Dr Gregory’s wife, Heidi Nekelmann, said he was perfectly healthy and active on December 18, before her husband got the corona vaccine. Not only that, the doctor had no illness before. The wife said after the vaccine there was a mysterious disturbance in her husband’s blood.

Dr Gregory died suddenly of a heart attack Sunday morning after a rare immune disease. Dr Gregory’s wife believes Pfizer’s corona vaccine caused the disease somewhere. Heidi Nekelmann told DailyMail: “I think Dr Gregory’s death is directly related to the vaccine. It cannot have any other interpretation.
Two days after Pfizer’s corona vaccine, healthcare worker dies, father demands answers
Pfizer said, investigating the doctor’s death
Heidi said: “Dr Gregory was in perfect health. He didn’t even smoke cigarettes. He rarely drank alcohol. He practiced and dived in the sea. He examined my husband in every way. Even cancer has been studied and nothing bad has been found in them. On the other hand, of this death, the Pfizer Company said they were aware of the “ very unusual ” death of Dr Gregory and were investigating further.
Doctor fell seriously ill after Pfizer received corona virus vaccine, admitted to ICU
The company spokesperson said: “At this time, we do not believe the vaccine has a direct link with the death of Dr Gregory.” It is said that no immediate side effects were observed in Dr. Gregory after the administration of the vaccine. However, 3 days later, while the doctor was taking a bath, he saw at that time that there were red spots like blood on the arms and legs. When he examined himself at his Mount Sinai Medical Center, other doctors discovered he was suffering from severe platelet deficiency. Doctor Gregory was vaccinated at this hospital.

Dr Gregory’s platelets hit zero
Heidi said, “With the exception of the platelets, all of the blood tests were normal. Platelets reach zero. Doctors examining Dr Gregory for the first time thought it had happened in error. So, when they rechecked, only a wafer appeared. Even after that, Dr Gregory was normal and full of energy. Doctors advised Gregory not to go home because it was too dangerous. It starts to flow through his head and he dies. Platelets generally vary between 150,000 and 450,000.

Doctor Gregory Michael (file photo courtesy of Facebook)

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