Heat wave in the United States: weather updates, increased death toll in the United States and Canada after the worst heat wave on record

The scorching heat has taken its toll in many parts of the United States and Canada. In both countries, scores of people have been found dead in homes without air conditioners and fans. Most of the dead are elderly. For 100 years, there has never been so much heat in these two countries. In Canada, in many places the temperature has even exceeded 49 degrees Celsius.

Scientists warn of record heat
Meteorologists have warned of record heat in the Pacific Northwest region and western Canada. Following the warning, authorities built cooling centers, distributed water to the homeless and took several other measures. Yet hundreds of people are believed to have died from the heat from Friday to Tuesday. There is still a severe heat warning in interior regions of the Northwestern and Western Canada region.

79 dead in Oregon alone
The body of a migrant worker was found in a nursery in the state of Oregon in the United States. The Oregon medical examiner said the death toll in that state alone has reached 79 and most of the deaths have been in Multnomah County. In California, too, the heat made life difficult for residents. In Portland, the demand for air conditioners and coolers has increased so much that even store research is not available.

In Canada, BC Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe said her office received reports of at least 486 sudden and unexpected deaths between Friday and Wednesday afternoon. He said that while it is too early to say how many of those deaths were due to the heat, but these deaths are likely due to the heat.

Weather updates in the United States: extreme heat, cyclonic storms, heavy rains and now flooding … what happened to the weather in the United States?
Washington state officials have reported more than 20 heat deaths, but the number could rise. The people who died in Multnomah County, Oregon were between 67 and 97 years old. County health official Jennifer Vines said in an interview on Thursday that she was concerned about the loss of life amid the weather forecast. The bodies of two people were found on a street in the town of Bend, Oregon, where dozens of homeless people live in camps.

Meteorologists said there is a possibility of increased heat in the Pacific Northwest region. The area is generally known for its cool, rainy weather and it experiences very little heat, so most people don’t have air conditioners. In Seattle, Portland and many other cities in America, all heat records have been broken and in some places the mercury has crossed 46 degrees Celsius.

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