Heatwave in Siberia: Heatwave in Siberia as global warming increases the temperature:

Scientists were surprised to see a record heat wave in icy Siberia. The temperature in the arctic region reached 48 degrees Celsius last week. Images from the European Union’s Earth Observation Program (Copernicus) showed temperatures in Siberia to exceed 35 degrees Celsius in many places on Sunday. There has been a continuous heat wave here for a long time.

Boiled even in the coldest place
The temperature in the small village of Saskilaya was 31.9 degrees Celsius, the highest since 1936. At the same time, the temperature in Verkhoyansk reached 48 ° C, which is the highest since the start of the measurement. It is the coldest place on the planet and the temperature has risen to -67.8 ° C. The temperature in Jovorovo was 43 degrees Celsius. The temperature in this region is generally 16 ° C during the day in June.

Forest fire
In such a situation, the people and scientists who live here started to worry due to the rising temperatures. Here, forest fires intensify and the permafrost (permanent ice sheet) is melting. Due to its melting, carbon and greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, resulting in increased warming. Hot, dry weather in parts of Siberia has become a cause for concern.

Record broken in Moscow too
There were 64 active fires in the Yakutia region on Tuesday, according to The Barents Observer. Governor Eisen Nikolaev said the heatwave was causing forest fires. The fires in Siberian forests since April have been so frightening that NASA has seen them from space. At the same time, the heat wave broke the record in the capital of Russia. The temperature here was the highest in 120 years at 34.7 degrees Celsius.

Snow changing color, rapid melting of glaciers, alarm bells!

boiling siberia

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